Appreciating The Customer – Using the Everything DiSC® System, participants will learn to recognize characteristics of human behavioral styles in others while simultaneously learning ways to adapt their styles for greater understanding  and appreciation of their customers.  This workshop will help individuals to minimize conflict, reduce misunderstandings with both internal and external customers, and create a more satisfactory and productive environment in the workplace.

Effective Communication – Effective Communication is the cornerstone for providing Exceptional Customer Service. Without the ability to effectively listen, question, verify and explain, any Customer Service interaction is doomed from the start. This highly interactive workshop will give participants the tools they need to communicate effectively with their customers thus eliminating stress, conflict and misunderstandings.  Participants will learn how to overcome barriers to effective communication, listen proactively, question without placing blame, the value of clarifying and reiterating, the importance of language and the words they choose, and non-verbal communication techniques.

Managing the Difficult Customer and Service Recovery – If you own, run or work at a business where you serve customers, chances are you sometimes encounter angry or difficult customers.  Knowing how to resolve conflict quickly and professionally can make a big difference in how employees perform their jobs and how customers feel about the organization.  At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to: identify why their customers may become angry or upset,  stay calm and respond to personal accusations without becoming defensive, be proactive in preventing escalation and learn the steps necessary to calm difficult customers so they leave the interaction feeling listened to, well taken care of and valued.

The Telephone and The Customer – The Telephone and the Customer is designed to teach and improve phone skills for service representatives, service managers, call centers, and anyone who has customer contact over the telephone. This workshop will benefit both experienced and new Customer Service telephone representatives.  In this workshop participants will enhance their telephone etiquette in eight specific areas including: preparing for incoming calls, answering techniques, taking messages, placing a caller on hold, transferring a call, screening calls, handling inquiries and managing complaints.

Workshop Your  Way: Providing Exceptional Customer Service – Are you seeking a Customer Service Workshop that focuses on Effective Communication while touching on phone skills?  Perhaps you would like to learn more about Human Behavioral Styles as they relate to Managing the Angry Customer?   Would your organization benefit more from a workshop focused on Phone Etiquette while touching upon Service Recovery? If you would like a fully customized Customer Service Training Program designed to meet the specific learning objectives for your organization, then Workshop Your Way: Providing Exceptional Customer Service is the right program for you.  Let SMF Training Solutions customize the perfect workshop for your organizational training needs.  This customized, highly interactive workshop can be delivered in four, eight or twelve hours (one, two or three half days) to give your Customer Service Representatives the tools they need to provide exceptional, positive memorable Customer Service.


Contact us for more information about other training workshops offered through SMF Training Solutions.  A sampling of our workshops include:

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