“Sue did an excellent job with this presentation! She made it fun and interesting at the same time.”

Marilyn P.
Beth Israel Deaconess Physicians Group

“I will definitely use the tips and suggestion supplied in this course to improve my listening skills and help me to avoid interrupting people when they are speaking.”

Julie M.
Beth Israel Deaconess Physicians Group

“Very interactive and engaging. Sue kept the presentation timely and flowing. She is both humorous and professional – full of energy and fun! “

John D
Taber Street Nursing Home

“Sue was so relaxed and professional she made us all feel comfortable enough to participate”

Robert L
Olin Aegis

“I found this class both interesting and informative. It really made me stop and think about my own behaviors and interactions with my customers.”

Phyllis R
Cookson Precious Metals

“Excellent training. This course should be made mandatory for all Customer Service Representatives working in the Commonwealth of Boston.”

John R
Boston DOR / Child Support Enforcement

“As an instructor, Sue has complete command over all the topics discussed.”

Jennifer L
Brandon Woods

“Great Job! Sue’s obvious extra effort in planning and organizing this workshop really paid off.”

Lisa B

“I enjoyed this Customer Service Course immensely. Sue Ferry is a warm, intelligent instructor. She has excellent rapport with the students. She is knowledgeable and encourages participation. “

Adrienne W
Boston DOR / Child Support Enforcement